Kiel Group

Our Mission


Our employees are our biggest asset. We continually invest in their skill sets and know how and support their personal growth and development.

Customer Satisfaction

For us, being attuned to our clients is the best basis for a successful partnership. We take the time and care to understand your exact needs and are determined to give you the best possible solution each time, every time.

On-time Delivery

We pledge to provide our clients with reliable and comprehensive on-time solutions and we apply the same principle to our internal processes.

Cooperation with Suppliers

We cultivate close partnerships with our suppliers that go back years in many cases. This allows us to work jointly towards our goals.


The benchmark for the success of our business is its sustainable and solidly increasing profitability as well as its healthy growth.

Continuous Improvement

We ensure the long-term success of our business through continually improving processes in every area.


We want to do our part in preserving and saving the environment. Therefore, we develop and use innovative materials and products, and have manufacturing processes in place that are environmentally friendly.


Kiel products surpass the required safety standards for busses and trains. This specifically involves complying with the requirements of the German traffic laws and international safety mandates as well as other relevant external regulations.

Our Vision

As an internationally leading seat manufacturer for the bus and train industry we strive to be responsive to our clients, cater to their needs and maintain a thriving company culture.

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