Technology at Kiel Group - Kiel passenger seats for bus, coach, and train

An Inside Look at the Production Process at Kiel Group

Kiel seats are manufactured at the North American Headquarters in Elkhart, IN, and at our other facilities across the globe. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies allows us to optimally use our logistical strategies and avoid downtime. Using and developing innovative materials and products, and having manufacturing processes in place that are environmentally friendly is our way of showing responsibility for the environment. We consciously design our seats as modular systems so their maintenance is extremely cost-effective and they are better for the environment too.

Of course, Kiel products are compliant with state and federal environmental protection laws and can be easily recycled at the end of their life-cycle.

Kiel Seats Production Overview

The Kiel Group's Core Production Competencies:

Kiel Group is able to cover the entire range of products for passenger seats in local, regional, and intercity transportation. Key manufacturing processes include metal works, welding and bending, surface coating, upholstering, and finally, assembly. This allows us to guarantee operational excellence and safety across the entire process with short lead times and greater flexibility for low quantities.

The Kiel Group's Core Manufacturing Competencies:


  • Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum processing
  • MAG-welding robot
  • MAG- and TIG welding


  • Small parts stamping and pressing with die cut tools and progressive composite dies

Tool Making:

  • Design and production of specific stamping tools and progressive composite dies
  • Design and production of welding and drilling devices, test templates, special equipment and assembly devices

Laser Cutting:

  • Modern auto-feeding CNC-laser cutter


  • Precision shaping of laser cut parts

CNC Pipe Bending:

  • Bending of pipe frames of varying diameters with CNC-pipe bending machine

Powder Coating:

  • Surface finishing in modern powder coating facility
  • Pretreatment with heavy metal free, nanoceramic Bonderite NT-1
  • External KTL-coating


  • CAD-cutter for cutting fabric, fleece, foam and leather


  • Glueing of fabrics, foam and anti-vandalism mesh onto support materials

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